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Coffee Mugs

Tote Bags

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Metal Prints

Phone cases


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Canvas Prints

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Diadem keeps creating new products that make you look and play better! 

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Animal Kingdom

We have been trusted pet sitters through this site since 2015. We tried others, but we recommend this one completely.


View and purchase my drone photos and videos of pickleball courts and our travels around the world.  If you desire aerial footage of specific places,
please contact me.

The #1 Pickleball Vision Training Program

Vizual Edge training is a program designed to develop—or improve—fundamental vision skills that are essential to sports vision performance.

Vision training is used to improve one’s ability to make accurate eye movements.

I am thrilled to be partnered with Vizual Edge. My eyesight has always been poor, but correctible. I never knew there was any chance to improve optical performance without surgery. While searching for ways to improve my pickleball game and my eye/hand coordination I found Vizual Edge. My personal progress has been remarkable. If you are a qualified candidate, I definitely recommend this program.

- Bonnie Coffey

Favorite Products

Customize your pickleball paddles

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Grip and MyPaddle Band.jpeg
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Best Cat Toy Ever
No cat can resist it!
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