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Between the Beginning and the End

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The beginning of every new day is an opportunity. The end of every day is a letting go. What goes on between the two is up to each of us. What we try to carry forward from yesterday is really a figment of our imagination, it's really only a memory, and memories are so subject to interpretation. But memories are important, and not to be dismissed lightly for good or for bad.

On February 7, 2019 Ky's dad, my father-in-law, Kyle, passed away peacefully. He will be greatly missed and our memories of him are sweet - the best kind.

We have been fortunate to be in Tucson pet sitting with two wonderful therapists - Sammy & Taj the cats. I started the sit on my own since Ky went to Chicago to be with his brother and sister for some of his father's very last days.

cute cats coffeys2go petsitting pets
Taj & Sammy

coffeys2go cute cat

We give all of "our" pets our love and attention, but these two have certainly made it easy. They are brothers from different mothers and they have very different personalities, but they have in common a love of food, being petted, and play time. They are about two years old and almost as playful as kittens. They're not overly needy so we pick them up and pet them much more often than they request, but they are both quick to purr letting us know that they're quite happy about it.

These kitties have free roam of a very large back yard thanks to the technology of an invisible fence and the bling necklaces they wear during outdoor time. They both love to go out and hunt in the yard, and they can come and go with a cat flap during the day, but they're never very far away and they come in to check on us frequently.

cute cat tucson arizona

It has been cold here in Tucson, but that's relative and I'm certain that our friends in other parts of the country would beg to differ. Since I'm a fair weather fan (or more accurately - fanatic) I'm ready for a bit more heat, but a nice gas fireplace toasting my toes is appreciated.

We celebrated our eldest child's 24th birthday here, and it has been great to have time with both of our kids while we've been here. Not laying any guilt trips here, but if you're a mom, you understand me when I say, I would like to spend more time with them. They're busy, as they should be though, so any time we get with them is precious and appreciated.

There are a lot of neat things to do in Tucson besides pickleball. We had a nice hike in the beautiful Saguaro National Park East which is only about 20 minutes from where we're pet sitting. Ky's cousin was in town visiting with us for a couple of days in his new motor home and he's one of our very favorite humans so we had a great time with him and the desert was stunning as usual.

desert scenery schot tucson arizona saguaro national park east

The world famous Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is the entire month of February. While we love to look, rocks don't make for the best travel accessories so we were able to look freely without buying. Being on bicycles made it an even easier decision not to take home a table or other large bauble! We only went in to a couple of tents, but the event is spread out all over town in many large venues in addition to an enormous 3 day event at the Convention Center.

tucson gem and mineral show arizona

It was fun to fly my drone and practice interviewing skills at the Tucson Senior Olympics Pickleball event on the Mens' Doubles day.

pickleball courts photography drone shot aerial view hoverhigher coffeys2go

tucson arizona nature scenery tree stormy clouds
Just a pretty picture of trees in the yard on a stormy day. Tucson is so photogenic!

Billy Currington wrote a song called "People are Crazy." The chorus is "God is great, beer is good and people are crazy." It's a catchy tune, even if you're like me and cannot stand the taste of beer. If I were a song writer, my chorus would go like this though, "God is great, pickleball, animals, traveling, and lots of other stuff are good and people are amazing." The timing clearly doesn't work well for a song (that's why Billy makes the big bucks and I don't), but those are what go on between the beginning and end of each day for me. I'm so thankful!

Hugs to you all from Tucson, AZ

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