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Did you guess?

In my last post, I just gave a couple of small hints about where went yesterday. More hints today and specifics at the end.

Hint 1 – We left north Tucson yesterday morning at 7 AM.   We passed this on our way out of town.  What direction were we traveling?

The Boneyard – the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) Facility on the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. It is one of my favorite sites to see in Tucson and they give great tours.

Hint 2:

Locomotive boneyard near Empirata Rd., west of Benson. Approximately 300 locomotives are parked end to end  stretching out on a closed track 4.3 miles long.  For more information if you are a train aficionado, take a look at CS.trains.com .

Hint 3:

Did you guess Mexico?  If not, back to basic reading an Geography 101 😉

Hint 4:

Foreflight had a problem with filling in all the details with limited Internet, but this should give you all details you need 🙂 And no, we were not flying, but rather in our trusty Yukon.  Look at that altitude!  Can’t see it here, but we were just about at the Continental Divide.

Hint 4

Home of little dogs and big…. see Hint 5

Hint 5

… trucks and big rocks in the road along the 40 miles of major road construction. We had been warned and advised to go a different way, but we would have missed this adventure in the rain if we had gone the longer route.  We decided to save that other “boring” route for a return trip.

Because of the rain, we got to see a couple of rainbows on our journey like this one.  By the way, this one is not in order just to throw you off a bit.

Hint 6 Final hint:  We are staying at the Casa Roja at La Casa del Nopal.   The owners are Spencer and Eli MacCallum.  They are gringos who made this beautiful Pueblo Majico their home 13 years ago.

So, your mission if you choose to accept it, is to tell me the name of the town of our current residence.  Good luck!

Thanks for reading.  I really appreciate your comments and you staying in touch!


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