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Fast Forward

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

This will be a fast forward romp through the last five weeks.

November 8-16 I went to Indian Wells for National Pickleball Tournament while Ky went to Mexico on a guys’ motorcycle trip. I wasn't in the tournament, but I played a lot of pickleball and met lots of really cool people. Here's a video I captured while there.

Thanksgiving - a turkey feast with the kids and a Christmas light show in Tucson the next night.

My angels!

The day after Thanksgiving - drove to San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, Mexico. Played pickleball every day. Thankful that Ky is still alive after a fall in this town in Jan of 2016 where he suffered a traumatic brain injury. Hard to believe that was just less than three years ago!

San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, Mexico, Pickleball, Courts, Drone photography aerial view hoverhigher
Nice courts, fun people in San Carlos!

Caught this video near the Soggy Peso.

Topolobampo, MX - took the overnight ferry to La Paz.

Topolobampo, Mexico Ferry ocean

Drove to Los Barriles, MX to go to Tres Palapas Pickleball Resort. Played pickleball every day.

Los Barriles, Mexico, Pickleball

Aerial drone photography, pickleball courts hoverhigher coffeys2go

La Concha, Los Barriles Mexico Pickleball
La Concha - another place we played PB in Los Barriles

Went to Cabo San Lucas for a week stay and really enjoyed having Ky’s brother and sister-in-law, Alex, and Sharon there with us.

Cabo San Lucas, Christmas, mexico

Played pickleball nearly every day.

Pedregal courts, pickleball, ocean overlook, mexico, los barriles
One of three Pedregal courts. This one overlooks the ocean.

Colegio Del Mar Sports Complex, Mexico pickleball aerial photography drone hoverhigher
Colegio Del Mar Sports Complex

We're enjoying a pet sat in a beautiful home for a sweet but ailing elderly dog. How did we get the pet sitting job? Meeting the owners through playing pickleball of course :-)

old dog pets petsitting coffeys2go
Such a sweet girl!

See a theme here?

Resting after pickleball - In case you weren't sure about the theme :-)

Hugs from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

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Hey Guys, nice to see you are busy as ever with enjoying te good things in life! Pickleball is something we have to try ourselves once. Reserve a court for us when we come over next year for our visit to BC 😘🤛🥂😎

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