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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Every town of any size has their church or cathedral, and Arteaga, another one of the Pueblos Magicos has a beauty of a church.  San Isidro Labrador was begun in 1790, but not completed until 1954. Someone might have gotten fired over that little delay!

I believe a person can praise God or pray anywhere, anytime, but it sure is enjoyable to do both in such a beautiful place.

San Isidro Labrador, Pueblos Magicos, Arteaga, Mexico church

Arteaga also has a bustling market on Sundays.  We happened to get there early and it wasn’t too busy. When we passed by it again later in the day, the line of traffic on the freeway and in to the parking looked like going to a Phoenix Suns Game (well, that’s an exaggeration, but there was really a lot of traffic.)  Admit it, you would wait in line too for a piece of any of these delicious desserts, wouldn’t you.

Arteaga market street vendors food stands

Ky couldn’t resist the elote (corn) with all the fixings.

arteaga street vendor elote Mexico

And we had to wash it down with sweet limeade.  I know some of you are thinking, “But what about the water they use in it or the ice?”  No problem at all – we’ve never had a single stomach issue here.

Arteaga street vendor fruit juice Mexico

And then for dessert number two, or lunch number two, a slightly sweet 100% corn bread – no wheat here we were assured.  Does that make it gluten free?

arteaga street vendor pan de elote mexico

Next we headed up in to the mountains southeast of Arteaga. There is actually year round skiing near this area with natural snow for a part of the year, and then something man-made for the rest.  We didn’t go far enough to find the ski area on this trip, and since I hate to be cold, that was okay with me.  A balmy 72 degrees year round in the Saltillo area suits me just fine.

Saltillo area southeast of arteaga mountains in Mexico

Ky and I like to take the road less traveled and we (read mainly Ky) have been known to ignore Google maps route suggestions in favor of lesser known roads. Even Ky decided that this 20 mile extremely twisty, stone road (probably built in pre-colonial times) wouldn’t make us, or our Trusty Yukon very happy, so we took the “normal” route back.

Saltillo area southeast of arteaga mountains in Mexico

Next stop once we got back to Saltillo was the lovely little Serape Museum.  In addition to being a famous town for tiles, Saltillo is very well known for serapes.  So well known, that even their baseball team is called the Seraperos. Aren’t the colors and designs fantastic!

Saltillo, Mexico, Serape museum

The museum also houses the traditional clothing of this and other surrounding areas. The elegant fashions over time have given way to jeans and tennis shoes. A bit sad isn’t it. The photos of needlework and weaving of these clothes don’t come close to showing their artistic beauty.

Those dresses are gorgeous, and I would happily wear any of them, but look at these amazing socks that I found at the market! I can’t wait to wear them!



P.S. There is a big change of plans that I’ll let you know about tomorrow, and I’m SO excited that we’ll be getting to see some wonderful friends from Canada on our upcoming journey!!

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