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Going, Going, Gone

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Happy New Year! I hope that 2018 was a good year for you and that you ran headlong in to 2019 with enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

What a year it was for us! In 2018 we were going and going and now the year is gone! The statistics seem a bit staggering after all my calculations, and as usual many who read this will think we have come completely unhinged! We slept in 87 different locations in 9 countries in 365 days. Ky and I slept in different locations 21 nights, so the number of nights totals 386 rather than 365. Can you tell that I was a financial analyst? Ky is great about keeping our spreadsheet up to date (the accounting part) and I have fun looking at the numbers.

While living the events that created the “somewhat unorthodox” statistics, life seemed normal to us. But what is “normal” anyway? For us normal is (in no particular order) eating, drinking, dinking (a pickleball thing), reading, exploring, deciding, moving, loving, praying, worshiping, working, sleeping. There are a few more in there, but you get the idea, just normal, but maybe in slightly abnormal quantities.

Here’s a link to the scalable map for anyone who might be interested:

A PDF of the same map:

I started a spreadsheet of our favorite pastime of pickleball too. I won’t delve in to quite the level of detail as our lodging, but I will say that we played on 44 different sets of courts in 7 countries and while I didn’t keep track of the number of days we played, I would have to guess that it was over 300. It is, as I might have mentioned before, ADDICTIVE!

The part that we didn’t keep statistics on were all the family and friends and people and pets that we got to see and meet that we will always treasure. We have made some incredible lifelong friends along the way that we will see again and who we will stay in touch with through the beauty of technology.

We would happily return to any of the many Airbnbs we stayed in this year and we would joyfully return to all of our pet sitting sites (save one or maybe two).

So what will 2019 be? Hard to imagine. We are already back in Mexico and we rented a house for a whole month - gasp, such a long time for us! We're pet sitting in Tucson for almost the whole month of February which is awesome because we will have more time with our kids. We have plans to visit England again in the summer for one of our favorite kitties in the world, and afterwards a pickleball tournament, but only time will tell where Coffeys2Go will wind up the rest of the year!

If we didn’t get to see you in 2018, we hope to see you in 2019. We would love to have travel companions join us, so if you feel like taking a trip and want to get together, email me - we would love to coordinate an adventure!!!

Hugs from Los Barriles, MX!

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