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Have You Ever Seen a Sky Garden?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Enter with me!

All drone photography by HoverHigher.com - Bonnie Coffey. - Copyright protected

In the small village of Russagh, in County Cork, Ireland a very unusual work of art has been created to not to be seen as an object but an to be experienced as a perception. The Irish Sky Garden by James Turrell is located on property within the beautiful grounds of the Lis Ard Estate. The photos that I have taken here reflect the structure, but not the art. Mr. Turrell's objective when designing this and other pieces of art is to see the sky as the art. It is ever changing and it allows viewers to ‘go inside and greet the light’. To see the art, you must go there personally and lay on the plinth in the middle of the crater and look up at the sky which is framed by what he has created. It was truly a unique experience.

James Turrell has a lifetime body of work that is staggering, and he has inspired countless other Light and Spaces artists of international renown. I was surprised to learn about what is considered to be his most important and ambitious work, which is called Roden Crater Project. It is just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona - how have I never heard of this man? He has been working on the project for more than 30 years and a completion date has quit being discussed. http://rodencrater.com/about/ In order to see it (at least from the ground) one must be invited. I read in one source that loyal fans who have been to all of his other 28 installations around the world get invitations to Roden Crater. That sounds like an interesting challenge!

Sláinte from Lissarda, Ireland!

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