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A New Species to Add to our Resumé

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We had a wonderful stay in San Miguel de Allende (SMA) house sitting for a woman that had to return to Alaska for business. The property which sits on a hill in a small community called Las Cabras (the goats) was beautiful with lots of plants and trees and a vegetable garden from which we could have almost daily salads. The fruits on the fig and peach trees were just beginning to ripen before we had to say goodbye and the tomatoes were coming in strong.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Desert, house, drone, photography, videography, HoverHigher, Coffeys2Go, photo, shot, business
Drone shot of the house in San Miguel de Allende

We now have a new entry on our resume of pets with which we have experience. Worms!

worms, dirt, gross, HoverHigher, Coffeys2Go

I have never known anyone who grew worms but now I do. The joys of home and pet sitting - meeting really cool people and learning new things. These worms do an amazing job of converting compost scraps (that have been chopped with a food processor) and strips of shredded newspaper in to the most beautiful rich dirt you have ever seen. They have quite the life - eat, reproduce and recycle their food in to dirt, and sleep. Not that I'm jealous, but it was so cool to get to divide them from one box in to two, because they were doing such a fantastic job at reproducing. It's dark in their world all the time, and the diversions are few, so they make the best of it!

peaches, growing, tree, ripe, green, HoverHigher, Coffeys2Go
Tiny peaches - but lots of them!

The six weeks in SMA flew by and as usual, it was bittersweet to leave, but we're on to our next adventure. We're headed out on a 48 day pickleball road trip from Mexico to Canada. More of my blogging time will be spent on a new project at which is part travel blog and a lot about our road trip playing pickleball. We would love to have you subscribe and join us on our trip. If you're along our path, please give a shout out so we can get together - our greatest joy while traveling!

hummingbird, feeding, nature, bird, HoverHigher, Coffeys2Go
Should I add hummingbirds to our resume as well?

A map of our planned journey (subject to change of course) can be seen at:

We'll miss the worms and these:

beautiful, sunset, Mexico, Las Cabras, San Miguel de Allende, drone, photography, videography, HoverHigher, Coffeys2Go, photo, shot, business

Hugs from San Miguel de Allende / Las Cabras, Mexico!

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We love going up the West Coast, as well. So many great memories. I could spend a few hours suggesting restaurants through to Vancouver. You know eating is one of my favorite activities.....Looking forward to reading every post?


Bonnie Coffey
Bonnie Coffey
May 22, 2019

We’re going to have to do an east coast road trip - 2020! Sure wish you two were joining us on this one - that would be a hoot!


I used to have a worm bin, also. Gerry said he had pet names for a couple of his favorites. HaHa. You need to come play pickleball on the East Coast. Still miss you, but love reading about your adventures.

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