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A View from Above

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

It was bound to happen. We have been moving along at a very quick pace and seeing and doing so much. This morning I needed to sleep in and have a bit of a rest.  I’m not a spring chicken anymore!

In Phoenix, I  have been part of a book club for many years. I have missed this group so much and missed chatting with them about the books that we read. I just got the email for this months book club and decided to  download the book to my iPad to read, and hopefully join in with them via Skype at the next meeting. Technology certainly has improved the ability to stand touch with people while traveling, which makes me very happy!

It felt so good just to sit and read a book for pleasure  for a couple of hours rather than reading to figure out where to go next. I’m not complaining at all, because I’ve enjoyed that too, but it’s different just read a book for the enjoyment of reading.  So far, I would highly recommend the book “Orphan Train” by  Christina Baker Kline. (affiliate link)

It was a nice afternoon though and I couldn’t just stay in all day.  We took a fun tour of the city ( which we very rarely do,  normally preferring to get lost on our own and find our way back ). We boarded a double decker bus,  situated ourselves up top and then started the tour, which was pretty hilarious at the beginning.

The San Luis Potosí old town square is pedestrian only. We were expecting to see the major sites of the city from our high vantage point. The buses are the only vehicles on the pedestrian square, which are blocked off with beautiful wrought iron gates to keep other vehicles out of the pedestrian areas. Our bus started moving forward, backed up  and did a three or five or six point turn to get turned around. It went about 100 yards and then they told us a few things about the area, they did a three or four or five point turn to get headed in the other direction and then told us about a few things and repeated this process until we had made our way all around the square! At that point we thought they were going to make us get off the bus  because there seem to be no way out of the square.

San Luis Potosí old town square mexico

Just then though, we noticed that a man was opening one of the gates so that we could pass out of of the area.

San Luis Potosí old town square mexico

On our first couple of visits to Mexico, this sight used to be a bit intimdating, but now it makes us feel a bit  protected. Just behave, I have to keep telling Ky 😉

San Luis Potosí, Mexico soldiers in truck

This city seems to have more cathedrals, domes and spires and churches than anywhere we have ever been. Below is a sampling which is by no means exhaustive.

And a few other sights from atop our perch.

San Luis Potosí manhattan boutique mexico store

We were a bit confused about where we were for a moment

San Luis Potosí, Mexico

But then we were reminded.

San Luis Potosí, Mexico balloon vendor

They were waiting for us with balloons when we got back – how nice!

To top off a great day, we went out to an excellent dinner with our Airbnb host. He’s a great guy, a French expat who speaks excellent English, and  his house is extremely large  and comfortable. The location is fantastic,  within two blocks of the  main cathedral and square and it even has a garage for the Trusty Yukon, which is unusual in the heart of a big city.  We love Airbnbs. It is such a great way to meet really nice people to learn about local adventures and restaurants and such.  He has given us the idea for our next stop – a place we would not have known about otherwise.

Life seems to begin after dark around here. The live music we were hoping to hear was just getting started as we decided it was time to head at about 10:30 pm out after a 2 hour dinner. Dining with a Frenchman is always pleasantly long 🙂 We stayed for a few songs and but someone in the group needed to get back to write a blog (and Ky needed his beauty sleep!)


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