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Aging Hopefully Like a Fine Wine

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

- Rather than a moldy cheese.

It has always been my opinion that if I have to admit to being one year older, that rather than dread the increase in age, that I should be a celebrating. If it can be drawn out longer than a day, that's a bonus, a week is awesome. I have a few friends who even call it their birthday month, celebrate it like Christmas month, and more power to them! Others, and I won't name names, would rather no one mention the fact that they have distanced themselves one more year from their birth date. But, I have to admit that while I won't lie about my age, I am very happy that it's impolite for anyone to ask how old a woman is! I don't volunteer the information any more.

Likewise, some people bemoan the fact that the internet is ruining our communication skills, and that we don't know how to have a conversation these days. I personally am really thankful for the ease of communication that the internet allows us to have with the people that we love. How many more people do you keep in touch with, and feel like you are actually closer to them, because you can write and see photos and videos not to mention technology like Skype and WhatsApp that allow us to phone each other freely.

Thank you so much to all the family and friends who called and wrote to wish me a happy birthday. It absolutely made my day, and while it could have only been better by being able to physically hug each of you, every message made me smile and reminded my how truly fortunate I am to have you all in my life.

To celebrate, Ky and I went to a wonderful little seaside village called Kinsale which has received two important award distinctions. KInsale is both a "Tidy Town" and it is also the recent winner of the title of "Ireland's Top Foodie Town". It is filled with vibrantly colored houses, quaint shops, and a myriad of charming gourmet restaurants. We took a food tour led by a very knowledgeable guide who escorted six of us to four different locations. What a great way to get to know about an area - through the stomach!

Kinsale Ireland Harbor

Kinsale Ireland cheese platter food gourmet

How did I get to this age without ever eating a raw oyster? I do not enjoy beer (an understatement), but to try something different on my birthday, I did both. I can now say I've done it, but Ky got the rest of the tiny beer, and the rest of the raw oysters of the world have nothing to fear from me :-) . Samphire was new to me too and I'd gladly have more of it!

birthday cake dessert

To reward me for eating a raw oyster and having a sip of beer, and a little bit because it was my birthday, they brought me this delicious and beautiful cake and sang me a song! It went "Happy Oyster to You, ..."

chocolate gourmet desserts

And last but not least we had chocolates at the gourmet chocolate shop - YUM!

We were also fortunate to get to play a little bit of pickleball and to introduce it to a couple of people in our small neighboring village of Macroom. We met a man, John, who is managing the racquetball and handball portions of the community center and he played with us a bit and caught on very quickly. Turns out he's very involved in other aspects of the community such as the "Tidy Town" competition which promotes community improvement. It seems to be really having a great impact on many towns around Ireland.

pickleball court omni indoor gym


Have you ever been to a Fairy Garden? Thanks to John and other Tidy Town volunteers, we can now say that we have. Last week a Sky Garden and now a Fairy Garden! There are newly installed little displays all around many of the bases of the large trees in the riverside park. They even have a "hugging tree". I was definitely a tree hugger and as the sign indicated, it did feel good!

Fairy Garden Tidy Town, riverside park Ireland tree display

Tidy Town Fairy Garden Ireland

Thank you again to those who helped to make my birthday special and memorable.

Today was a travel day - more on where we're at tomorrow.

Hugs from Scraggane in County Kerry!

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