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All the Way From Tranent to Corstorphine

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Remember yesterday’s foggy bus photo? Well hallelujah, none of that today!

It was a foggy morning which burned off to become a bluebird sky kind of day. I had a fun little drone flight from a nearby park in Tranent this morning, and the beauty of flying a drone is getting to see everything around you that is on a two dimensional flat map, take on the third dimension. You see intriguing things that you just didn't notice on the map.

Tranent, Scotland, drone photography aerial view hoverhigher DJIMavicPro

Tranent, Scotland, drone photography aerial view hoverhigher DJIMavicPro

It is a wonderful way to explore an area while you’re just standing in one spot. We had a meeting at noon at our new Airbnb, so my flight was not as long as I would have liked. It never seems long enough though :-)

We only have one more full day in this country, and I can definitely say that we need to return in the future. There is so much more outside of the city that is left to be explored and we have not even scratched the surface of the tiniest tip of the ice burg of this extraordinary place. We came here on a whim because we had eight days between two places and we looked to see where we would like to get a quick taste.

On our way to our next Airbnb, we transferred to a second bus right downtown and had a bit of lunch from the Marks & Spencer Food Court which is tourist attraction on it's own - such a great variety of good quick food. We also got to listen to a little bit of live music.

We arrived at our new home for the next couple of nights and we were invited to have a cup of tea in the conservatory (which is a sun room). We spent over an hour chatting with our very friendly hosts, mostly about traveling and golf. Time just rushes away without a worry when kindred travel spirits get together.

Ky & I hopped on a bus with the intention of going to see three bridges. At the last minute we hopped on a different bus, just because there was one arriving and because we had just missed the one we wanted and would have to wait another 20 minutes. We looked on the bus map quickly to see where we were going and it looked very interesting and we also thought it was a place our hosts had mentioned.

To read more about it, tune it tomorrow. I just got back from a pub with a bunch of new mates and the day was long, so please enjoy the music.

Hugs from Corstorphine, Edinburgh.

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