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Auld Reekie

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

What a day. Edinburgh is a truly beautiful city that is affectionately nicknamed "Auld Reekie", Scots for "Old Smoky", for the views from the country of the smoke-covered old town. It certainly didn't look smokey today. We played tourists today on a gorgeous puffy cloud kind of day that signaled that fall is almost here.

We took the train in and went to Edinburgh Castle. We spent about four hours there and learned so much about the interesting history of this country. The oldest building in Edinburgh is there, and it is St. Margaret's Chapel which is over 900 years old! There have been so many battles, destruction and pillaging here that it is amazing that anything could have survived that long.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, St. Margaret's Chapel

We enjoyed walking through the Princes Street Gardens and stopping to look at all the various views of the castle atop the extinct volcanic mound.

Ky sat down behind a cafe which had lots of sling type chairs and I took this photo of him relaxing in one where the views of the castle were also stunning.

Scotland lounging chairs at Princess Street Gardens

Next we went and toured through the Scottish National Gallery and explored more history through art. After about an hour or so I reached for my phone and discovered that it was missing. We began to retrace our steps and inquire of lost and found. No luck until we reached the cafe with the sling type chairs. My watch indicated to me that my phone was nearby. Hallelujah! Some kind soul had turned it in at the cafe! Faith in humanity is always buoyed by something like this.

We did lots more tourist stuff today, but I won't bore you with lots of details. Photos of someone else's vacation are never as interesting as your own, but I hope you enjoy these and that they make you want to get out and explore!

Edinburgh, Scotland colorful buildings old and new

Edinburgh tower Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland scenic view whole city

Hugs from Musselburgh!

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Loving your posts. Have not been to Scotland, but you are certainly making me anxious to do so! So glad you had a better “lost phone” experience there than in San Miguel. Your pictures are wonderful.

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