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Casas Grandes Municipality, Chihuahua

Today was a lazy day – kind of unusual for us, but it was good just to hang out and tour around our small town.  I commented to Ky as we were taking a slow walk around town and noticing new things, that small communities seem to be like onions.  At first glance, especially if you’re in a hurry, it seems that there is not really too much to see or do when you are visiting.  The longer you stay and really look though, more is revealed as layers are exposed.  Every business that we visit and person that we meet reveals other layers.  Actually, I might prefer to think of it as baklava with all those tasty sweet layers – onions make me cry!

Our current home is in the original town of Casas Grandes.  There is a great charm to this smaller community centric area in contrast to Nuevo Casas Grandes with its long, shop-lined large streets.

Only a couple of short blocks to delicious fresh baked fruit filled empanadas. Ready every day as 12:30! I’m going to need the local Zumba class for sure!

Ky with the very nice fellow who did maintenance on our Trusty Yukon for a ridiculously low rate.

Both my kids would love this! Wish they were here!

For such a small town, there is quite a lot of public art. There are some very talented artists who call Casas Grandes home.

Home for at least two more nights. At Casa Roja, we have an art and antique furnished very large living room/dining room and separate sitting room (both with wood burning fireplaces), full kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for only $45 a night. It has a huge back yard and three very sweet, friendly dogs who live next door who will let you pet them as much as you want!

And like every good Mexican town Casas Grandes has it’s “Central Park” or zocalo with a gazebo.

The local Pemex that is out of fuel is a strange site. Hopefully for the community, and the state, the government will soon make some changes so life can get back to normal.

In addition to photos from previous days like those taken at Paquime’, the Unesco World Heritage site, which is walking distance from us, there were many more photos to choose from, but maybe you should come see for yourself.  Some things, like baklava are better for you to taste for yourself!

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