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Guess what this means…

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Gas fuel station in Casas Grandes Mexico

Yes, fuel has returned to Casas Grandes and other parts of Mexico. We had decided to just stay put until we knew if we should return to the US with the amount of fuel we had left in our Trusty Yukon.   The road blockade has ended and life has seemingly return to normal for the community. Nuevos Casas Grandes was in full swing today as this is Epiphany, more commonly known as El Dia de los Reyes Magos here, or Three Kings’ Day.

It is the day to commemorate the Adoration of the Magi and historically more celebrated as the gift giving day after Christmas.  The local bakery was in full swing preparing Roscón de Reyes/Three Kings Cake in which there is a small baby figurine in the center filling to represent the Baby Jesus.  The person who get the slice with the figurine has certain privileges and obligations, depending on the traditions of the household.

Cake for El Dia del los Reyes Magos, Three Kings Day, Chihuahua, Mexico

We had the good fortune to be invited to a wonderful dinner celebration at the home of Carmela, a very good friend of our hosts, Spencer and Emi. The very best part of traveling to me is the amazing people we have the opportunity to meet.  Carmela grew up on the 1.5 million acre Correlitos Ranch in Chihuahua, that was owned by her family.  The history of the ranch and her family is fascinating and it is the subject of a book called Mines, Cattle and Rebellion.  It is on my short list of books to read.

No one found the figurine tonight in the beautiful and delicious cake , but leftovers were passed around and whoever finds it is tagged to be the host of a dinner party.  It’s a great reason for us to return either as dinner guests or as hosts.  We’ll be happy to do either and we look forward to seeing our new friends again!

What does the fuel situation mean for us?  Tune in tomorrow to find out “Where in the world are the Coffeys2Go?


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