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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Funny story.  When we decided to look at moving to Phoenix, we worked with a realtor to view many houses one day.  The kids were with us and they were really great, especially considering that it was already quite hot in early June. We found a house we really liked and signed most of the papers.  We were scheduled for a flight back to Seattle that night, so I flew back with the kids and Ky stayed behind to sign the papers.

That night after getting home Ky called and said he had good news and bad news and he asked which I wanted first.  I asked for the bad first.  He related that the house we had chosen turned out to be in the least desirable school district in all of Phoenix, so he had not signed the papers, and that we had not bought the house after all.  Okay…

After making that decision, Ky got in the rental car and drove around by himself looking at neighborhoods.  He had looked at one home that was having an open house.  It lacked a swimming pool and was short one bedroom for our needs.

As Ky was leaving that house, a woman two doors down stepped out of her house and waved Ky down and asked if he was looking to buy a house.  He said yes, and he mentioned we were looking for a home with a pool and the extra bedroom.  She said hers had both of those features, and that they were planning to list their home the very next day with a realtor. Long story short, we bought their house, with me only seeing photos, and without a realtor.  It was exactly the home we wanted, in a fantastic location, and the very best part has been all the amazing neighbors we are so blessed to have as dear friends.


Two good reason to have a swimming pool.


One of many of my favorites of Nathan.

When things are supposed to happen, and we are open to them happening, they frequently miraculously happen. We had prayed about whether we were supposed to move at all, it was an extremely difficult decision to leave family and friends.  However, Ky is allergic to grass and many of the flowering things in the Northwest, and I’m allergic to gray skies, so despite all the wonderful things about the Pacific Northwest, we decided to move.  Things moved so quickly and smoothly that we really felt it was all an answer to our prayers.

Yesterday I mentioned how many places we’ve stayed in the last 18 months.  Today we added another line to the list of places – #126. Here’s how that one played out.  Two days ago we decided we were ready to move.  While we loved the place we were staying, it was a B&B and we didn’t have a kitchen.

Aquarela B&B in San Miguel de Allende

Aquarela B&B in San Miguel de Allende

We had set up a couple of appointments to see places around town, but we had time for a walk before our first meeting.  We headed up the hill from our B&B and we were just a couple of blocks from it.  I was keeping an eye open for “For Rent” signs but really wasn’t expecting to see much in this particular area.  We stopped to admire a beautiful home behind an open gate and we were looking up at it.  Just then a window opened and a woman leaned out asked if we needed help finding something.  I answered that we were looking for a place to rent in the area.  She asked if we would like to see their place which has some rooms for rent.  Ky and I both love to look at real estate in general, and we were excited to take a look.  It was quite large and several buildings were connected.  We really didn’t expect that it would be in our budget.  The interior was beautiful and again, long story short, we are now here in this beautiful home, occupying the prive downstairs area.  They are on the top floor and we have access to all of the 2nd floor with the kitchen and living areas, and the terrace on top with one of the best views in town.

San Miguel de Allende cathedral in mexico

Our view from the terrace – a bit zoomed in 😉

San Miguel de Allende swan hotel mexico

Notice anything strange. It’s a hotel. We’ll let you know more when we do!

The lovely couple who live here are so friendly, and we have already had a couple of nice long conversations. They are very patient and helpful with our poor, but improving Spanish.  We are about the same age and we had the pleasure to meet their adult son today. Bonus too, they have a very cute dachshund!

Please, please don’t take this as me boasting about how things turn out so well for us.  My first point is that I give thanks to God for all the wonderful gifts and experiences that he has given us.  And my second point is that being open to opportunities and not being fearful of people and new situations has time and time again proven to allow us to be amazed at how truly good people are, and how much fun there is to be had in this lifetime.  Thank YOU for being part of it!

Oh, and by the way, there are two more beautiful rooms upstairs to rent, so let us know if we can pick you up at the airport.  Leon is closest to us, but Mexico City is not too far either.


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