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Surprise Sombreros

One of the beautiful things about being nomads is that sometimes you're not sure where you'll be laying your head the next night. That may sound terrifying or unsettling to some, but we actually enjoy that uncertainty. We had an extra unplanned week before a firm flight date. What to do, where to go? Not too far, not too close. Let's go to Mexico! It's always one of our favorite destinations as you know if you've been following along on my blog for awhile.

The new toll road shortcut to Guaymas/San Carlos is nice and smooth. Sorry for the buggy windshield!

We went back to a spot we love, Nuevo San Carlos in Sonora, Mexico. Great people, beautiful scenery, fantastic food, great pickleball and the scene of where Ky lived through his traumatic brain injury almost exactly four years ago... That last one is pretty important, and for it we are immensely grateful. We're both so glad he's still around!

This time, we booked in to a really great 2 bedroom / 2 bath Airbnb managed by Phyllis. We only wished we had time to invite someone to join us as it was so spacious. If you go down that way, I recommend renting something from Phyllis at Siesta Realty just so you get to meet her. That is, if you're not put off by salty language and a curmudgeon's attitude. She was hilarious. At 80 something years old, this gruff spunky lady throws around expletives like a seasoned sailor. It seemed a bit incongruous that this white haired grandma would be throwing down F bombs every other sentence mingled with a vast assortment of other colorful language! We arrived late in the evening at her office on a Saturday night. After introducing us to her little loves, four protective yapping rescue dogs, she took the time herself to show us to our little house overlooking the bay. Most people just give you a key and send you on your merry way. She had overseen the recent remodel of our place so I guess with pride of work she wanted to show it off.

HoverHigher Coffeys2Go Nomads Travel Mexico San Carlos Nuevas Guaymas

After a good night's sleep, we turned up to play pickleball on the beautiful courts at Mirador. It was a great surprise to see a lot of our friends from San Miguel de Allende where we learned to play pickleball about three years ago. Even the snowbird, Bob Riehl from Canada who taught us to play the sport, was there! Bless that man and his encouragement to me to get to the line!

We knew that a tournament was coming up at the end of the week, but we were going to be leaving town early Friday, too early to join in the event. Or so we thought!

We got to play a bunch of games, and then Ky was asked if he could sub in a match on Thursday for someone who couldn't make it. That's called being in the right place at the right time. Of course he said yes, and then he set out to find his partner, Billy the Kid Karren. Great name for a pickleball player isn't it!

Typical beautiful view of the Playa Piedras Pintas (Painted Rocks Beach) from a little hike on Tetakawi in our spare time

In the meantime, I was a late entrant in to a clinic by the world famous Scott Moore. His lovely wife, Susan, got me signed up shortly before the group was to start. The court is at one of the housing developments called Vista Marina at Marina Real. What a view! Our small group had the opportunity to learn from one of the best players in the business. It was a windy day, but the content was good and we all left with some new knowledge and some insights on how to improve our games.

HoverHigher Coffeys2Go Pickleball Pet Sitters Nomads Scott Moore Mexico Clinic Friends San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, Sonora Mexico
Susan Moore, Joel, Nancy, Jeannie, Bonnie & Scott Moore

One of the beautiful things about pickleball right now is that even though it has been around since 1965, it is still at such an early stage of development that the pros are still down to earth and accessible. Having just taken the clinic with Scott made the next day even more fun to watch as Scott and our friend, Darren Thompson, took the gold in the Men's Open. What athletes they both are!

Long story short, for Ky and Billy the Kid. They met, they played, they conquered! Gold medals were given to the two for their excellent play in the mens doubles skill level 3.5, ages 25+. It can be difficult to play with a new partner and have similar playing and communication styles, but you would have thought these two had been playing together for years. They were unbeaten throughout the entire tournament.

San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico Tournament Amigo Cup Pickleball Coffeys2Go Nomads Ky Coffey Gold Medal Bonnie
Surprise Sombreros!

We had to get up early the next morning to head back up to Phoenix for one night before our flight the subsequent day. It was a whirlwind trip and just the type we like - unplanned but full of great adventure!

The main purpose of my blog posts is to encourage you, beloved pickleball friends, to step away from your home courts. Go visit other players in other places. Life is too short to be in a rut! Go for it!

Happy Pickling from Mexico!

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