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Trying to Minimize Jet Lag

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Why is it that naps come so easily to me, almost anywhere, any time, except when I really want to go to sleep? We leave tonight at 11:50 pm for Iceland, so we thought it would be a good idea to go to bed at 7 pm Chicago time (midnight in Iceland) and wake up early to get a jump on jet lag. At about 8 pm Ky quietly said "How's it going?" We both laughed and tried again.

Now it's 3:30 am, I'm awake and drinking black tea, and Ky said he needed a couple more hours sleep so he's in bed. Maybe in Iceland we'll sleep past 5 am and we might actually get to see some of Reykjavik's night life! That would be novel.

Part of the problem with going to bed so early was having a million thoughts swirling about my mind that I just couldn't stop. It would be so hilarious, (only to me I'm sure) to have a tape recording of all those thoughts that skip and jump around like little fish that skitter about on the surface of the water when bigger fish are below them trying to catch and eat them for supper. It would also be helpful so I didn't have to try to remember all the details to parse out what was important among them. Maybe nothing was though.

T-Mobile is our phone and data provider. Ky got a little nasty-gram when we came back from six weeks in Costa Rica and Panama, saying that they were going to suspend his service because he had used too much roaming. They are starting to tighten and enforce their rules on how much data usage we have (even though it was advertised as unlimited). I'm going to have to behave ourselves and that means not asking SIRI or GIGI (as we nicknamed Ky's Pixel phone voice) a question every time one pops in to my head. Which is frequently! We downloaded maps and books and a few other resources to try to pacify ourselves, but I'm guessing it will be hard to avoid another edict from T-Mobile, or worse yet, the axe!

Up and at 'em - off to do my morning stretching. I'm late as it is 9 am in Iceland! Last day in Chicago - I'm going to miss family and friends here. That's the good and the bad of being nomads - getting to see the ones you love and then having to leave them! Have a great day!

Ky's dad - my sweet father-in-law

Hugs from Evanston, IL!

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