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Whatever Makes You .....

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Whatever floats your boat. Whatever tips your hat. Whatever puts a bounce in your step. Whatever sharpens your knife. Whatever flips your pancake.

sailboat, ocean


sailboat ocean mallorca

We just began a new pet sitting the day after we returned from Mallorca. As I sit here alternating between typing and scratching the neck of a very sweet cat, and enjoying the sound of it purring, I thought of a new saying, "Whatever makes you purr."

What makes you purr? Do you have a job that you love, a sport that keeps you moving and fit and happy to be doing it, a cause for which you breathe, a hobby that makes you smile, a club or group that gives you a reason to wake up early or stay up late, a belief and people that make you love deeply?

Consistency or routine versus a rut - what is the difference? Over the last 3+ years, Ky and I have had very little "typical" consistency in our lives other than consistently changing locations. We still consistently love each other and our children, and we visit them frequently. I'm happy to say that Ky and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary yesterday - that's a really long time for him to put up with me!

We really enjoy regularly visiting other family members and friends, and we're also happily making new friends who share our enjoyment of pickleball everywhere we travel. We are consistently finding new animals to love, and this little tuxedo kitty that is purring at my shoulder on the back of the couch above me as I type, makes me so happy. He strikingly reminds me of a young version of our own cat many years ago named Ralph.

cute cat coffeys2go pets
Ralph in about 1996. He was an awesome cat!

cute cat pets petsitting coffeys2go
This is Otis. The Brighton Cat. He's awesome too.

We recently got sad word of a friend losing the battle to cancer, and we know from many personal experiences that life is fleeting. My family history of so many relatives losing to Alzheimers was one of the major factors that made us decide that we couldn't wait to do one of the things which makes us purr the loudest, and that is traveling. We haven't been disappointed, and we're not thinking of quitting anytime soon. We are indeed blessed and thankful and know that we are fortunate to be doing what we love. If it ever feels like we're in a rut by moving so much, that's when we'll call it quits and settle down in one (or two or three place(s)...

But for any of you that are thinking about making a change to get out of a rut, like Nike says, "Just do it." Don't wait, because life is just to short not to do what makes you purr!

Hugs from Brighton, England!

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