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Hurley and Racquets

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

This evening's weather does not look like this:

Aerial drone view of Macroom, Ireland photography hoverhigher

Aerial drone view of Macroom, Ireland photography hoverhigher

I took these drone shots a couple of mornings ago when it was a clear still morning, and I am happy to be able to enjoy them now while it is rainy and windy outside.

On another note, there is no place to play pickleball around these parts. At least not yet! We stopped in to the Macroom Community Leisure Center just the next town over from ours. The guys working there are eager to learn, and we have set up a time to go back and show them how to play.

In return we got a quick introduction to hurling, It is a sport with ancient Gaelic and Irish origins which has been played for 4,000 years, and it is the fastest field sport in the world. Hurling is played in the US, but it took coming to Ireland, the land of its origin, for me to learn about it. This is one of the important things that travel does - It gives us opportunities to learn.

Macroom Community Leisure Center sliotar
James shows Ky a child's sized wooden stick called a hurley which is used to hit a small ball (leather over cork) called a sliotar (pronounced slitter)

In the meantime we played a bit of racquetball. It has been so long since we played and the ball really bounces a lot, in a lot of different directions! It felt good to play, but I think I'll stick with pickleball ;-)

racquetball indoor court sport
Ky, as usual, showed me how it's done!

Hugs from Lissarda!

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