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Tardy to Class - 22 Courts in 2 Months

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

It was bound to happen. My goal to take a lesson per month from a pickleball pro was ambitious. After skipping a month to play in a tournament, we got busy with some travel and pet sitting and playing some wonderful long days of pickleball. Truth be told, some of those days, the 3 to 4 1/2 hours of playing left me so exhausted, that taking a one more month break from lessons seemed the right thing to do. Then it turned in to two months. But in the month of June, we'll get back to it.

On the positive side though, without trying to sound like a braggart, some days I feel like I'm playing the best pickleball I've ever played. Then... I will play a match against someone who is just way better and get my posterior handed to me on a platter. That's when I know I still need more lessons and drilling.

It offers me a glimpse of how far I've come in this enjoyable journey of pickleball and it reminds me of how to laugh and have a good time rather than be too serious about this game all the time. It makes me so thankful to all of the people who have helped me along the way and there are far too many to mention here, but if I've ever played a game with you and you offered me good advice in a positive way, then please know that I appreciate you.

As a way to explain why I haven't written lately, here is the list of where we have had the pleasure of playing in the last two months:

Clearly, the Coffeys2Go are on the go again! We're happy to be back to traveling and pet sitting. We've met awesome people at all the courts where we've played, with the exception of the few courts that were empty because we arrived at off times on travel days. We've had crazy fun pets that made us laugh out loud and made us sad when we had to part.

Here is a photo journal of our last two months - in random order because they showed up here that way!

Tortoise shell cat lying snuggled up to a yello pickleball

Ping the cat in Tucson, AZ gave up golf for pickleball!

Aerial view of four women on a secret pickleball court in the desert in Arizona

Secret desert court with fabulous friends! Nope, not telling where.

Seven foot man taking photo of pickleball players in Carlsbad, CA

Beautiful Carlsbad, CA Courts - photo take by Seven (because he's 7' tall)

San Gorgonio Park in San Clemente, CA Pickleball players on court

San Gorgonio Park in San Clemente, CA - Most pickleball players are friendly. This one was no exception, but they were exceptional! Thanks Gigi et al!

Portrait of a cat staring wistfully behind a Core Pickleball

Polly in Durango, CO thinking "I wish everyone used Core pickleballs!"

Melba Bishop Park in Oceanside, CA Full courts of women playing pickleballn

Melba Bishop Park in Oceanside, CA had a great group of women for drills & skills..

I love it when we get to see sweet pickleball friends from other areas. Bob & Cee came to Tucson from Prescott, AZ.

California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey, CA Pickleball Players on court

Just a quick stop at the California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey, CA. We were warmly welcomed in to enjoyable games!

That guy, Manny, in Santa Monica, CA. One of the many people there who gave us challenging games. Gotta love that smile!

Aerial view drone of Grand Junction, Colorado Lincoln Park Pickleball Courts Empty Tennis

The Lincoln Park pickleball courts in Grand Junction, Colorado are another good example of (8) full pickleball courts and (4)empty tennis courts. Strangely they are separated (see 4 courts on the left side). For anyone working with local authorities who wants help convincing them to install new courts, contact me for videos of this same thing happening all over the place.

The Lutz's private course is a happening place in Tucson, AZ. Tremendous way to meet wonderful players. Thanks Cindy & Bob!

Horseshoe Bend, Page, AZ Famous Landmark

We actually do a lot of other things besides pickleball & pet sitting.

Visiting Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ is a show stopper!

La Jolla, CA pickleball courts full of basketball players while tennis courts sit empty

La Jolla, CA has two pickleball court lines painted on two newly repaved basketball courts that were full the Saturday morning when we tried to play there. The tennis courts meanwhile sat empty :-(

Uncompahgre National Forest mountains Hope Lake Trail with snow in late May

We had an amazing day of hiking with our older child, Reed, at Hope Lake Trail in Uncompahgre National Forest in Colorado. Meeting up with our kids while traveling is our very favorite thing in life!

Aerial view drone shot Grand opening ceremony of pickleball courts at Udall Park in Tucson, AZ

It was a grand day for a grand opening of the first new public pickleball courts at the Morris K. Udall Park in Tucson, AZ. They are gorgeous & already occupied good portions of the day (until it's 110°). The demand is high!

Pickleball players in Durango, CO wearing masks

Just a few of the happy players we met at the Durango Community Rec Center in Colorado. It was our first time to play indoors since coronavirus closed everything. Masks were still required during play.

Like I said earlier, we do other things besides pickleball and pet sitting. Our dear friends, Carol and Ed flew us in Carol's Bliss, her sweet V-tail Bonanza, to the Airport in the Sky on Catalina Island in California. It was an amazing day of exploration and this incredible place is well worth adding to your travel bucket list!

Friends on pickleball court on Catalina Island, CA

We did happen to find the pickleball courts on Catalina Island though LOL! We were able to borrow some paddles and have a laughing good time there for a short bit!

Durango, CO Pickleball Courts on High School tennis courts

The town of Durango, CO, population about 15,000 is on the pickleball map with three places to play. This fun group is playing at the high school with "ghost lines" and temp nets. Thanks gang!

Our pet sit in Durango with Pippa, a former search and rescue dog, and her sister, Dory, plus Polly the cat was an incredibly scenic sit. We can see why people love the area, but winters would be too cold for me!

Before leaving Arizona, some of our longest (I never say oldest :-) ) and dearest friends, Brad and Laura, came to visit from Washington state. We loved hiking with them in Saguaro National Park West, resplendent with its impressive collection of cacti. They enjoyed it, but overall the desert is just too dry for these water and rain folks.

We'll just have to catch up with them again in Hawaii!

Cortez, Colorado Pickleball Players at Centennial Park Courts

Want to meet a friendly group in Cortez, Colorado. Look no further than the fantastic people at Centennial Park. Thanks Ambassadors Jean & David!

Marriott on Coronado Island, Bobby Riggs Racquet & Paddle Club Museum, Pickleball Friends

We met Dara & Denny in Carlsbad, CA at Poinsettia Park. We were fortunate to play with them again at both the Marriott on Coronado Island and the Bobby Riggs Racquet & Paddle Club. We're thrilled that they are moving to AZ where I'm sure we'll get to play with them in the future! The Riggs Club has a total of 14 new pickleball courts and 3 Tennis Courts. That seems like a good balance to me :-)

Cat staring at yellow pickleball on orange couch

Edina the cat must be a tennis aficionado. She's thinking about taking up pickleball though!

Rona is clearly my kind of cat. Be sure to watch til the end and decide if her name should be changed to Pickles.

Hugs to you all!

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